Alejandro Caparros

Environmental Economics

Climate Change and Land Use

Working papers

Caparrós, A. and Zilberman, D., 2010. Optimal carbon sequestration path when different biological or physical sequestration functions are available. Download


Selected publications

Caparrós, A., Ovando, P., Oviedo, and Campos, P., 2011. Accounting for carbon in avoided degradation and reforestation programmes in Mediterranean forests. Environment and Development Economics 16(4): 405-428.

Caparrós, A, Cerdá, E., Ovando, P. and Campos, P , 2010. Carbon Sequestration with reforestations and biodiversity-scenic values. Environmental and Resource Economics45: 49-72.

Ovando, P. and Caparrós, A., 2009. Land Use and Carbon Mitigation in Europe: A Survey of the Potentials of Different Alternatives. Energy Policy 37(3): 992-1003.

Caparrós, A., 2009. Delayed Carbon Sequestration and Rising Carbon Prices. Climatic Change 96 (3): 421-441.

Caparrós, A., Campos, A. and Martín, D., 2003. Influence of carbon dioxide abatement and recreational services on optimal forest rotation. International Journal of Sustainable Development, 6(3): 345-358.

Caparrós, A. and Jacquemont, F., 2003. Conflicts between biodiversity and carbon offset programs: economic and legal implications. Ecological Economics, 46: 143-157.

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