Alejandro Caparros

Environmental Economics

Ecosystem Services, Environmental Valuation and Green Accounting

Selected publications

Caparrós A., Oviedo, J.L and Campos, P., 2008. Would you choose your preferred option? Comparing choice and recoded ranking experiments. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 90(3): 843-855.

Campos, P., Caparrós A., and Oviedo, J.L, 2007.Comparing Payment-Vehicle Effects in Contingent Valuation Studies for Recreational Use in two Spanish Protected Forests. Journal of Leisure Research 39(1): 60-85.

Campos, P. and Caparrós, A., 2006. Social and private total Hicksian incomes of multiple use forests in Spain. Ecological Economics 57: 545-557.

Caparrós A., Campos, P. and Montero, G., 2003. An Operative Framework for Total Hicksian Income Measurement: Application to a Multiple Use Forest. Environmental and Resource Economics, 26: 173-198.


More publications

Oviedo, J.L., Huntsinger, L., Campos, P. and Caparrós, A., 2012. Income value of private amenities assessed in California oak woodlands. California Agriculture 66(3): 91-96.

Gafo Gomez-Zamalloa, M., Caparros, A. and A. Ayanz, S.-M., 2011. 15 years of Forest Certification in the European Union. Are we doing things right? Forest Systems 20(1): 81-94.

Caparrós, A., 2010. Contabilidad Nacional Verde en el Sector Forestal. Cuadernos de la Sociedad Española de Ciencias Forestales 31: 251-262.

Campos, P., Oviedo, J.L., Caparrós, A., Huntsinger, L. and Coelho, I., 2009. Contingent Valuation of Woodland-Owner Private Amenities in Spain, Portugal and California. Rangeland Ecology and Management 62(3): 240-252.

Campos, P. and Caparrós, A., 2009, Can we use non-market valuation techniques in green national accounting applied to forests? Austrian Journal of Forest Science 126 (1-2): 53-74.

Campos, P. , Bonnieux, F., Caparrós, A. and Paoli, J.C., 2007. Measuring Total Sustainable Incomes from Multifunctional Management of Corsican Maritime Pine and Andalusian Cork Oak Mediterranean Forests. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management 50(1): 65-85.


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