Alejandro Caparros

Environmental Economics

International Environmental Agreements and Game Theory

Selected publications

Finus, M. and Caparrós, A., 2015. Game Theory and International Environmental Cooperation: Essential Readings. The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics, Edward Elgar.

Caparrós, A. and Pereau, J.-C., 2013. Forming coalitions to negotiate North-South climate agreements. Environment and Development Economics 18: 69-92.

Caparrós, A., Giraud-Héraud, E. Hammoudi, A. and Tazdaït, T., 2011. Coalition Stability with Heterogeneous Agents. Economics Bulletin 31(1): 286-296.

Caparrós, A. Pereau, J.-C. and Tazdaït, T., 2010. Mutual Aid: an Indirect Evolution Analysis. Rationality and Society 22(1): 103-128.

Tazdaït, T., Pereau, J.-C. and Caparrós, A., 2005. Coopération et Jeux non-coopératifs: Dilemme du prisonnier, rationalité, équilibre. Editions du CNRS, Paris: 207pp.

Caparrós, A., Pereau, J.-C. and Tazdaït, T., 2004. North-South Climate Change Negotiations: a Sequential Game with Asymmetric Information. Public choice,121 (3-4): 455-480.

Caparrós, A., Pereau, J.-C. and Tazdaït, T., 2003. Coalition et Accords Environnementaux Internationaux. Revue Française de Economie, 2(18): 199-232.

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