Alejandro Caparros

Environmental Economics

Pollution Control and Climate Change Policy

Selected publications

Caparrós, A., Just, R. and Zilberman, D., 2015. Dynamic relative standards versus emission taxes in a putty-clay model. Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists 2(2): 277-308.

Caparrós, A. Pereau, J.-C. and Tazdaït, T., 2013. Emission trading and international competition: The impact of labor market rigidity on technology adoption and output. Energy Policy 55: 36–43.


Other publications

Caparrós, A. and McDonnel S., 2013. Long run transitions to sustainable economic structures in the European Union and beyond (Editorial) Energy Policy 55: 1–2.

Hernández, F., Gual, M.A., Del Río, P. and Caparrós, A., 2004. Energy Sustainability and Global Warming in Spain. Energy Policy, 32: 383-394.

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